I was really struggling with what my first post should be. I’ve read a million blogs and i wasn’t sure if i should just jump right into travel stuff because that is why we are all here, right? But i figured lets ease in and I’ll start with a little get to know me thing and I’ll interview myself. I’m gonna answer my most burning questions about myself and travel and my journey. Let’s get started:

Bria: So you’re 24, right? When did you start traveling and why? What sparked your wanderlust?

Queen of Vacay: well basically i started traveling about 5 years ago. my first trip ever was to Chicago, solo. I really just wanted to go and take photos because I’d fallen in love with the architecture through some of my Instagram followers and I wanted to see it for myself. I was so nervous to go alone and my parents were even more so. You hear all the bad stories about Chicago being so dangerous and crime ridden so I was definitely questioning if I should go or not but I figured it cant be that bad. Turns out, it wasn’t bad at all. It still remains one of my favorite cities in the world. Back then, I wasn’t taking photography seriously yet so all I had was an Iphone 6? maybe I cant remember but it was an Iphone and i just walked around everywhere taking pics specifically for my Instagram. After that first solo trip, i knew 2 things: there was more of the world I wanted to see and I love traveling alone.

B: Ah so since 5 years ago, where have you gone?

Q of v: all over the united states. I travel a lot for photography reasons so I’m always shooting and connecting with people everywhere I go. I’ve met so many amazing people through photo shoots. I’ve been to Canada, France, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Colombia, Italy, Japan. The rest of this year is STACKED as far as traveling goes as well. I’m visiting Greece, Spain, Canada, Japan. and might try to squeeze in Croatia and Turkey as well, but we’ll see.

B: that’s amazing! Very cool. It’s awesome that someone so young can get out there and inspire others to do the same. Is travel influencing something you ever imagined for yourself?

Q of V: Not at all. It’s something I only realized my potential in within the last few months. You see travel influences on Instagram and what not and they usually are very similar, all i have a particular look to them and they do not look like ME. But i really do love being able to inspire others around me and its amazing being able to teach others how to do what I do and show its not impossible for regular people to travel, as well. That’s my biggest mission, goal or whatever you’d like to call it: showing others how to travel affordably but without sacrificing comfort.

B: is that why you created this blog?

Q of V: I think the blog was inevitable. I always said i like to keep all my blogging to twitter but the more i considered it, an actual blog makes more sense. Keeping all my posts and things in one place is just neater and I don’t have to go searching my tweets for specific things. Having it all in one place just works better.

B: What are your fave cities and why?

Q of V: Most of my fave places center around food and people. I love good times with good food and good people. That being said, my fave places I’ve gone are Florence, Italy; Cartagena, Colombia; Tokyo, Japan; Chicago, Illinois; and Bangkok, Thailand. Amazing food, amazing people.

B: I love a good meal, myself. what is the ONE thing you have to bring on every trip besides the obvious like your phone?

Q of V: my water bottle, i never go anywhere without it, Hydration is so important. OH and an extension cord, cuz you just never know where an outlet will be and they can be so inconveniently far.

B: I have a good collection of water bottles too! *laughs* We have so much in common, it’s weird, right? so, What’s next for you?

Q of V: I have no idea, I’m so bad at thinking about the future, more of a spontaneous type of person. Long term planning makes my head hurt. But in the short term, I hope my blog is successful, I continue to travel, maybe get a new camera, maybe move overseas, or maybe become a digital nomad, maybe become best friends with Tyler the Creator. Who knows? The world is my oyster.