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Keeping Your Sanity: through CoronaVirus Quarantine

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My Cuban Experience: the good, the bad, the smoky

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Google Flights or Holy Grail? You Decide

The Google Flights Breakdown We All Needed

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What’s The Deal With Cuba: Can we go or nah?

Everything you need to know about visiting Cuba as an American

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I Did a Month Long Trip With Just a Carry On & Here’s How You Can, Too

How to NOT Overpack & other packing tips!

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Eating Through LA: Part 1

Ideas on where to eat in Los Angeles

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How to: Iphone Photography

How to take better iphone photos!

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10 Affordable Destinations for 2020

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Woman to Woman: 10 safety tips for the female solo traveler from a female solo traveler

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I quit my job to write this blog post

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The Great Big Airbnb Breakdown

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The Queen of Vacay

I was really struggling with what my first post should be.


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